After two years studied digital graphic design in Paris at Jacques Prévert Artschool, now I'm 5th year's student in graphic design in Strasbourg at Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR). Ready for collaborations, exchanges and all talks.


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␣ Email hello@lauraabry.fr
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␣ National Superior Diploma (+5) in Graphic Design at HEAR, Strasbourg, 2019-2021
␣ National Diploma (+3) in Graphic Design at HEAR, Strasbourg, 2019
␣ Two-years Technical Degree (+2) in Digital Graphic Design, at Jacques Prévert Artschool, Paris, 2016-2018

Last experiences

␣ Workshop
with Mathias Schweizer, creating the "Platter Wald"/tools/posters which lead to an exhibition at La Chaufferie from February 5 to February 19, Strasbourg (FR), February 2021
␣ Graphic Designer in freelance, between Paris (FR) and Strasbourg (FR), July 2020 until now
␣ Partnership
with Colmar Book Festival, visual communication with Thomas Jaouen for the 31st edition, Colmar (FR), July 2020
␣ Internship
at HeyHeyDeHaas Studio, 6 months, Eindhoven (NL), September/February 2020
␣ Workshop
with Christophe Lebreton (GRAME), practice of Faust programmation language, Strasbourg (FR), March 2019
␣ Workshop
with Frederik Berlaen, practice of Robofont and typeface creation, Strasbourg (FR), February 2019
␣ Workshop
with Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié, Loïc Horellou and Isabelle Le Minh, generative performance, Strasbourg (FR), Novembre 2018
␣ Workshop with Raphael Bastide, practice of free softwares, Paris (FR), May 2018
␣ Partnership
with Georges Pompidou Center, designing a mediation app for the Creative Code Feast with Amelie Vorms, Paris (FR), Mars 2018
␣ Partnership with Independants Cinemas of Paris, proposal with Marie Gelix and Lara Nagy a teaser for the second edition of the festival « Avant-Premières », Paris (FR), May 2017


␣ Typeface : Stanley from Ludovic Balland on Optimo Foundry , IBM Plex Mono from Mike Abbink on Bold Monday Foundry and Arial from Robin Nicholas.
␣ Website : Laura Abry with HTML5, CSS and JS languages.
␣ © Laura Abry 2020. All rights reserved.

[Vertical geographies and smart landscapes — Urban invisibles as new territories to be mapped. —  Edition 12 × 18 cm ; Fedrigoni Freelife Cento Extra White 100g ; Bookcover Lana Light Grey 240g ; 188 pages ; Handmade book binding ; 8 copies.]

(At the back of the book : While the accepted representation of landscape was until then qualified by its horizontality and linear perspective, it now tends to go beyond this conventional image : we are gradually committing ourselves to consider its vertical dimension. Far from the steamy plains and forests depicted by many painters, from William Turner to Claude Monet, all attached to the idea of a sensitive landscape, all the concepts linked to the territory and its geography are now at the center of new questions : the landscape now appears as a set of strata, visible and non-visible, witnessing digital upheavals. Nevertheless, can we really affirm that the cartography of the contemporary world reflects the current state of digital change ? Does it play an important role in the archiving of these new phenomena ? Finally, how to do mapping in the age of the "hyper" and "smart" ?)

[Bot creation, able to cross and archive sources to answer to questions about last Iran's Internet shutdown —  Screen record on Mac Book ; 1920 × 1080 px.]

[still in progress]

[Website which attempts to present the landscape and its different layers, mostly the digital layer and omnipresence of data in our spaces — Web interface 1920 × 1080 px ; Coded by myself in HTML5, CSS3 and JS ; Original video from Elisa Sanchez, 23.11.19 in Suzhou, China.]

[Remaking and reprinting the thesis of Pierre Boyer — Edition 14 × 18 cm ; Fabriano White Paper Recycled 90g ; Bookcover bubble wrap ; 220 pages ; Handmade book binding ; unique copy.]

[Edition bringing together all of Killian Vaing ' s slam poems, written during a year in Colombia — Edition 14 × 18 cm ; Paper Lana White 100g ; Bookcover Lana Blue-Grey 250g ; 70 pages ; Spiral binding : unique copy.]

[Edition showing how hard it is to take same pictures as Google Street View cameras — Edition 12,5 × 18,5 cm ; Paper Munken Print White 115g ; Bookcover Munken Print White 115g ; 108 pages ; Handmade book binding ; 2 copies.]

[Map-report of my trips avoiding CCTV cameras — Map 29,7 × 42 cm ; Paper Cyclus 70g ; Plastic sleeve 10,5 × 14,8 cm ; Both sider ; 3 copies.]

[A 10 meters receipt ticket, on display in the street, to make aware about invisible pollution on Internet : the Google requests, using .js program to collect and automate the layout — Automated publication, 60 × 1000 cm ; Reprographic Paper 100g ; 2 copies.]

[Photographic map/road book. A trip from Paris to Strasbourg — Edition 21 × 29,7 cm ; Paper Cyclus Recycled 70g ; 48 pages ; Stitching ; 3 copies.]

[Graphical intervention presented during " La Nuit de l'Aubette " in Strasbourg, with Lucie Henriot, Maÿlis d' Haultfoeuille and Lucile Pages in a workshop called " Machine Aubette " set up by Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié, Loïc Horellou and Isabelle Le Minh. Generated unique flyer, each 40sc thanks to .js and .py scripts, based on different data collected during the events. — Flyers 21 × 21 cm ; Paper Cyclus Recycled 90g ; Infinite copy.]

[App realized with Amelie Vorms, for a partnership with Panda Suite and George Pompidou Center during " La Fête du Code Créatif ". This event organized for children aged 2 to 10 years old, allows them to understand the mysteries of computer code by discovering the museum through digital artistic devices. The app is a support of cultural mediation, to make children aware of the works of Jean Dubuffet and his creative process. — UI/UX Design on Ipad, 2732 × 2048 px.]